How a cosy living room called “Warmstube” turned into Hotel Vötterl

Since 1844 the Hotel Vötterl has been in the family’s hands. At the time, it was mostly used as a butcher’s shop rather than for serving guests. However, the proximity to the church led the people into the warm and cosy room next door called “Warmstube”. 

So the church-goers’ and especially the pilgrims’ wish was fulfilled and the “Warmstube” was transformed into an inn. 

Due to the high popularity of the inn, this transformation was not the last. Within three decades the inn next to the church was transformed into a large traditional guesthouse called “Gasthof zum Untersberg” and by 1930 it had already been turned into the “Hotel Vötterl”. At this time the house was extended and two additional floors were added. 

However, this is not what awaits you at Hotel Vötterl. Around 30 years ago the two floors were dismantled making the building into what it is today.